How to choose the most suitable cap shape?


There are several forms of caps adaptable to each shape of head and associated with different styles! But how do you know if it suits you and which one is best?
First of all, we can dissociate two major categories: Caps with curved visors and those with flat visors. But also subcategories such as structured or unstructured.


Caps with flat visors can be Snapback, Old School or Camp.
The Snapback, for example, ideal for round and large heads usualy is not suitable for tiny faces. It must wrap your head, so if there is a gap close to your temples then it’s not the best cap for you. Prefer the unstructured caps. Also if you have a small head, the low cut will perfectly fit you.


Now take the curved visors : Baseball, Trucker etc.
If you are not sure, chose this type of caps, they can fit everyone and adapt to all styles.
The structured caps has a rigid hull at the front thanks to the premium buckram we use, it keeps its shape well, so its volume, it is ideally suited for a larger face, because it respects the proportions.
The unstructured ones on the opposite, adjust perfectly to the shape of ones head, so it’s still better to avoid them it if you have a very big head or a very wide face.
Ultimately, the trucker is not suitable for small faces because it’s front panel is too high, unless you decide to adjust the depth.

Think about your comfort, but also about the aesthetics. Last tip: if you are a fan of a cap but it is not adapted morphologically to your head, you can still wear it backward!

You chose ?