Custom hybrid baseball cap

Our hybrid baseball caps are truly unique thanks to their rectangular front panel; the number of panels is actually the same as any other standard baseball caps except that the two front panels are not side by side but on top of each other which results in a very large printing area. The visor is identical to the rest of the baseball caps family, when worn the cap keep its shape thanks to our premium buckram.

Gold Manufacturing Advice: Large embroideries are perfect for hybrid baseball caps.

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Why Gold Headwear?

As always, our hybrid baseball caps are fully custom made. We use only the best materials along with endless customization options, allowing you to let your creativity run loose while we work on magic. Even though our process is very simple and straight forward, our team of experts is always available and we will gladly answer any question you might have!

  Kids sizes are available.

Curved visor using a highly resistant plastic insert
Premium hand sourced materials
Premium lamination
Limitless customization
Kids size available
Same depth as standard baseball caps



Choose the type of closure

Snapback closure
Snap closure
Nylon closure
Nylon closure
Self fabric closure with slide
Self fabric with slide
Self fabric closure with clip
Self fabric with clip

Leather with clip
Leather belt closure
Leather belt

Flexfit closure
Flexfit closure
Elastic closure
Elastic band
Velcro with slide closure
Velcro with slide
Velcro closure

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