Custom army caps

Our custom army caps use a specific visor which we only use for this shape, ensuring a truly unique fit. Usually paired with a flexible sweatband, army caps can also have any other closure possible. Thanks to our printing abilities, we can print any winter, summer, or desert camo as well as any other pattern or image. Worn by professionals as well as private individual as a fashion item, custom army caps are no longer reserved to armies.

Camo goes perfectly well with army caps.

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Army caps take benefit of a very large printing/embroidering area, allowing you to get your brand in oversize all around the cap since there is no stitching lines (in opposition to normal caps).

  Kids sizes are available.

Curved visor using a highly resistant plastic insert
Premium hand sourced materials
Laminated with premium lining
Limitless customization
Kids size avaialbe


Sélectionner la fermeture

Snapback plastique

Nylon + clip plastique

Tissu avec glissière

Tissu avec clip

Cuir avec clip

Cuir + boucle ceinture

Velcro scratch

Retour velcro scratch

Fermeture élastique

Fermeture pleine flex closure

Fermeture pleine

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