5 panels trucker baseball hats

The trucker baseball caps are regular baseball hat where the back panels are made with mesh fabric to allow for maximum comfort, making them very comfortable to wear.
Trucker caps are the ideal style for summer and it is no surprise they are so popular among our extreme sports and sports team clients.

Foam backing is a must for a classic trucker.

Truckers can be produced in 5 or 6 panels and they are also available in our snapback shapes (flat visor).

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Why Gold Headwear?

All embellishment options are available with our custom made trucker caps. Whether you are going for a foam lining, buckram backing on the front or none of that, we got you covered.
Truckers are the perfect style to wear during summer time: timeless and good looking they will easily fit in your range of caps, no matter your market.

Kids sizes are available.

Curved visor using a highly resistant plastic insert
Premium hand sourced materials
Front panel backed with buckram and/or foam
Limitless customization
5 or 6 panels
Snapback shape also available
Kids size available


Choose the type of closure

Snapback closure
Snap closure
Nylon closure
Nylon closure
Self fabric closure with slide
Self fabric with slide
Self fabric closure with clip
Self fabric with clip

Leather with clip
Leather belt closure
Leather belt

Flexfit closure
Flexfit closure
Elastic closure
Elastic band
Velcro with slide closure
Velcro with slide
Velcro closure

We are proud to make custom trucker caps for:

Jacker Clothing


Movement Skis


Represent Clothing

UCLA Clothing

What our clients say about us:

It’s exactly what I had in mind, the caps are perfect!David, Aron Davis (France)

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