The classic and timeless 5 panel ball cap. Amongs Our bestseller and most popular model. With a solid burckam on the front to display whatever you need perfectly
100% cotton or polyester, this category of cap offers you several embellishment options. Prints, embroidery or patches, you can adapt it as you want to your style. Its basic material is of better quality with a variety of colors. This cap is made to measure. It can be personalized to suit men, women and even children. You can add buckram to its front panel to strengthen it. The insert of its curved visor is made of plastic. This makes it resistant. Its visor protects you against the light of the lamps if you wear it indoors. The custom 5 panel baseball cap can have a hook and loop fastener. This allows you to adapt it to the size of your head. With the logos placed on the front panel or sides, it offers an attractive and alluring look. You have the choice between flexfit, elastic or snap closure. Likewise, the attachment of your cap can be in plain leather or in leather with a clip. In recent years, large-scale brands have opted for the 5-panel baseball cap. This fashion accessory is perfect to complete your range of textile products and has even become essential for many players in the market
An original cap shape with a huge rectangular front and it’s classic ball cap appearance. The hybrid ball cap allow a more creative approach in the cap industry
This baseball cap has the same number of panels as regular baseball caps. The front panels are arranged one on top of the other, not side by side. This differentiates it from standard caps and offers a large printing surface. The rectangular shape of its front panel makes this category of cap unique. Its curved visor has a plastic insert with optimal resistance. The addition of premium buckram helps maintain the shape of your cap while wearing it. These hats are always conceptualized to measure so that you can easily adapt it to your head size. Its basic material remains of better quality with various possibilities of customization. This allows you to push your imagination for more creativity. Children's sizes remain available regardless of age group. These caps keep the same depth as standard baseball caps.

To personalize the custom hybrid baseball cap, you will have the choice between leather with clasp, nylon with plastic clip, fabrics with metal buckle and many others. You can also opt for a full or elastic closure. You won't be disappointed by opting for the custom made hybrid baseball cap. It offers a classic look with the most creative approach in the industry. The hybrid baseball cap remains the perfect style to spend your moments of relaxation on the beaches or elsewhere. It makes you elegant and remarkable.

The most common cap model. Fit every purpose : high end, sport, goodies, clothing and more. If you don’t want to take any risk, this shape is perfect for you
The 6 panel baseball cap is the most suitable shape of all caps. Its versatility is limitless considering its curved visor and buckram reinforced front panel. It is available for all age groups. The basic material is either cotton or polyester but many other materials are available. To embellish your cap, you will have various options including labels, embroidery, prints and many more. You will have patches to make your cap more attractive. The inside of the visor is made of high quality plastic material to solidify it. It exists in different colors.

The 6 panel baseball cap is light and easy to wear due to its lightweight. It is perfectly suited to people who exercise outdoors. Regarding its customization, you will have the choice between nylon, pressure or elastic closure. Likewise for fabrics, you can opt for fabrics with clip or slide. You can also add your company logo or your name on the front panel for more design but also custom interior labels. Dry or hand washing is sufficient for its maintenance.
A model widely wore by many consummer and a great choice for every occasion the unstructured ball cap is an excellent choice with one of the best value for money.
The unstructured baseball cap remains the simplest cap. The front panel of this cap does not have a buckram, instead you will find a thin fabric that is used to stiffen certain areas of our caps. However, it is coupled with a curved visor with a plastic insert. If you like to save, this category of cap will be ideal for you. Despite its simplicity, the unstructured baseball cap is made from premium materials. You can customize this cap as you like.

There are a variety of options such as: full closure, elastic closure, leather with clasp or leather with buckle. You can also opt for the plastic snapback or the nylon with plastic clip. Children's baseball hats are also available. The depth of your cap can be adjusted to perfectly fit your head size. You will see unstructured caps that have 5 or 6 panels. Those with 6 unstructured panels are still easier to wear. You have the option to add your logo on the front panel to personalize your cap. The unstructured baseball model offers better value for money.
Popular in the summer and among sport brands, the Trucker Ball Cap is a timeless shape, deeply rooted in American culture and which is back in fashion today all over the world.

The trucker baseball cap has become popular over the years. Its back panels are made from mesh fabrics to maximize comfort. To make it more attractive, the front panel is buckram lined. You also have the possibility of having the front panel of your foam cap or the two supports combined according to your convenience. The Trucker model remains the ideal style to have a good time in summer, fall and even winter. You will see Truckers in 5 or 6 panels. The snapback shape of this custom made baseball cap is also available to meet all your needs. All the embellishment possibilities (embroidery, prints and many others) are available to you in order to personalize your custom-made baseball trucker cap as you wish. The personalized option is therefore unlimited.

There are a variety of sizes including those for children.This category of cap is ideal for golfers, runners, tennis players and for the practice of any indoor or outdoor activity. This cap is also perfect for vacation and travel periods. It goes well with casual clothes. This baseball hat gives you a hip and standout side in the middle of a crowd.

Guide : how to create your first Baseball cap ?

1️⃣ Idea and study of the custom baseball cap market

First step, as in most projects: validate the idea by benchmarking. 

Each project is different, with varying objectives and targets. Keep in mind that caps, especially the baseball caps, have probably been the most worn textile accessory in the world for several decades. It is worn by almost all ages, one size fits all and it can fit everyone. It will then be necessary to find the distinctive elements of the cap to please your customers according to their different profiles.

2️⃣ Personalized Baseball Caps: Sourcing of suppliers

Now that the idea is clearer, we have to go find the partners who will make it happen. To develop our bespoke baseball cap offer, we spent years developing processes and establishing our teams on production sites. From fabric suppliers to the best manufacturers of metal or plastic fasteners or patches, we leave nothing to chance, to meet the technical and time constraints of all projects.

Thanks to our own production lines, we are not only able to offer an, almost, unlimited number of customization options but, also, optimized production times: we have created our own production processes and trained our teams on site to always be able to respond perfectly to all requests.

Take a look at our portfolio to see that we are able to respond to all customizations and this is only possible thanks to the total control we have over every stages of production.

3️⃣ Contacting 

You have the idea, you have studied the market, you have selected different supplier to produce your custom caps, it is now time to contact them. 

Before contacting, the most important elements to communicate to us ait seldom seems easy and we are well aware of itit seldom seems easy and we are well aware of itit seldom seems easy and we are well aware of itre the number of units desired, the detailed description of the cap, the graphic elements such as logos or patches in very high quality and also the choice of materials and other color codes for the different parts of the cap. 

Of course, when we start this collaboration for the first time, understanding every aspect of the production process doesn’t seems easy and we are well aware of it. This is why our commercial and technical team is at your disposal to create with you the perfect cap that corresponds to your project, write a correct specifications and even make you graphic proposals to which you would not have immediately thought but that work extremely well in our experience. This is how Gold Headwear manages to differentiate itself from its competitors and see the number of its regulars clients increasing every year.

4️⃣ Study of supplier quotes

You have contacted several cap manufacturer companies, with their answers, you can study the production cost of your project and then choose your partner. 

At Gold Headwear, you deal directly with a factory, we have taken the time to offer you different quotes based on the different volumes of your custom cap model. We have full control over our production lines, our raw material suppliers have been working with us for a long time and our production volume allows us to negotiate attractive prices. This allows us to offer very favorable rates for our customers, especially when it comes to a retail sale. Here, our role with our customers is therefore to offer the best price for each of their projects.

5️⃣ Prototyping your personalized cap

Your cap is now designed according to your requirements, by following the necessary technical sheets mentioned above. Before launching production, you must be sure that the model respects your vision and for that, the only real solution is the creation of a sample. We offer 3 separate options, the first consists of receiving a sample of a previous production that is as close as possible to your project, it's free and it only takes a few days to receive this sample. The second option is to produce a tailor-made sample after the payment of your deposit, which is then free. The last option is to order a tailor-made sample only, which is then systematically billed.

6️⃣ Shooting, creation of the first visuals for teasing and communication.

It is time to decline the identity of your brand with your new cap! To prepare its sale in advance, it is in your best interest to create photos, scenarios and attractive visuals. It's up to you to find the right balance between the brand image that you want to convey, the role of the product in this image, and the feeling that you want to suggest to the customer who will wear it.   

7️⃣ Presale of the custom baseball

Your cap is validated, you have the first visuals and it awaits for mass production. It is already possible to offer presales and pre-orders. For artists, magazines and fashion brands, it is a good way of bringing together their best customers and offering products in preview, for example. In any case, you will always have an interest in offering to pre-sell your models, it requires almost no investment from you to offer this to your customers and it allows you to create communication and preference among your customers.

8️⃣ Mass production of the personalized baseball cap

Now it's time to start the machines! It’ll take around thirty days to mass produce your cap. This production time naturally depends on the volume of parts desired and their complexity. You will be kept informed of the various stages of production if you wish. Our production lines have also been designed to be monitored in real time: we constantly know where your model is on the production line and we try to keep our customers informed of this information. 

In addition, our tailor-made production process allows us to integrate a quality control at each important step in order to save time and guarantee the best quality to our customers.

9️⃣ Next collection’s preparation

Ideally, in order to always have stock and have more time to think, it is interesting to prepare the next order as soon as possible. So, in parallel of the first production, we advise you to think and prepare the next season with us.

To follow the market trends but also the craze of your customers on specific model of cap, we can lead you and advise you on this new order. We will be proactive on shapes, colors, design, customization options, closures, material etc ... Thanks to our experience, we are constantly aware of the next trends and we can therefore provide valuable advice for the development of your next models .

🔟 Delivery and reception of batches of personalized caps

Your personalized caps arrive. A final quality control is validated before shipment of course. Then, they leave Asia to arrive where you want. We take care to select our delivery partners according to the rates they apply, but also the areas served and the efficiency of the service. Whether by air (3 to 6 working days) or by sea (30 days), we provide you with a tracking number to find out where your order is. Delivery is part of the service offered by Gold HeadWear, and we want it to guarantee a service at the level of the overall experience.

1️⃣1️⃣ Communication & influencers

Important step: publicize the product, and activate the right communication levers.Today, brands have several way to communicate about a new product: social networks, newsletters, vidéo. To facilitate the highlighting of your new caps, you can call on influencers who have an impact on your audience (choose them well in relation to their community in terms of volume and also profiles). You can also display your custom caps with persons of interest or in specifically selected magazines. There is no shortage of channels, it is all a question of objectives and targets. Last option, more classic and direct: advertising. Instagram, facebook, google ads, pinterest etc…. you have the choice to push your new product to people who might be interested. 

1️⃣2️⃣ Point of sale 

Finally, comes the question of your cap’s distribution. Working with resellers or partner outlets allows you to sell in larger quantities to a wider audience and over a larger geographic area. In exchange, you will then have to negotiate your sale price, cut your margin to benefit from these locations in their distribution systems. They also make it possible to reduce the time of the “last kilometer”, the longest of the entire delivery process. 

1️⃣3️⃣ Direct sale of your personalized baseball cap

If you have a reputation and a sufficient community, you can adopt another retail strategy. You can sell your caps directly, via your website or your social networks. You increase your margin, but you necessarily reduce the volume of people affected and therefore the potential sales.

You have created your custom baseball cap, and deployed your brand image with an original and qualitative product. And for a minimum of hassle, since we take care of everything. See you soon for your next model!