Similar to the famous 5 panel camps, the 4 panel camp are made of only 4 panels all pointed in the same direction. Very comfy thanks to the absence of buckram, our custom 4 panel caps are the perfect option for those who want a fit similar to the standard 5 panel camp but with a little twist.

Panels of different colours as well as special materials are perfect options for this shape.

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We always laminate our 4 panel camps caps to give them a comfy yet lightly structured shape, the visor is identical to the one we use on all our other caps so that only the construction of the top panels changes. Go for something unique and different with the 4 panel shape!

  Kids sizes are available.

Flat visor using a highly resistant plastic insert
Premium hand sourced materials
Premium lamination
Limitless customization
Kids size avaialbe


Choose the type of closure 

Snap closure

Nylon closure

Self fabric with slide

Self fabric with clip

Leather with clip

Leather belt


Velcro with slide

Elastic band

Flexfit closure


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