Files and templates


We provide templates for all types of hats (baseball cap, snapback, 5 panels, beanie, …). You can complete them yourself but we can also do the work for free if you are placing an order (sampling or production).

All information and artworks should be provided within one single template per style.

If you need help filling our templates, please follow the guidelines below: (if anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to ask)

Provide all artworks (1:1 scale) and dimensions and placements in a vector file (AI, EPS, PDF).
If not possible, please provide artworks in high resolution.

Text in artworks (alternatively provide font files) and strokes should be converted to paths.
Pantone color references (Solid) for all colors.
Don’t forget to include required information (depending on the country you are importing the products to) on a woven label if needed. Usually, required information is country of origin and composition.


Accepted file formats: vector files (.AI, .EPS, …). Other file formats (.PNG, .JPG, …) will have to be vectorized: we will do it for free for simple artworks and a low one-time fee will be charged for complex artworks.
Example of a template used for approval before sampling.
Sample result.