Our visor caps are based on our classic 6 panels baseball cap shape, thus the fit and comfort is identical to any cap. Removing the top of the crown allow one’s head to breathe properly which is why visor caps are a must have for any outdoor brand or organization, from your local hunting club to the largest golf tournament.

The closure can be selected among our wide range of closures, we can also use a special mesh-lined sweatband to pair with any sports oriented company.

Our stock cotton twill is the perfect material for this shape.

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Let your creativity run loose with our visor cap shape, from the fabric choice to the packaging method our team will be there to assist you in your choices. There is absolutely no room for error, we know exactly what it takes to produce the best visor caps for your company.

  Kids sizes are available.

Curved visor using a highly resistant plastic insert
Premium hand sourced materials
Front panel reinforced with light or strong buckram
Limitless customization
Kids size available


Choose the type of closure 

Snap closure

Nylon closure

Self fabric with slide

Self fabric with clip

Leather with clip

Leather belt


Velcro with slide

Elastic band

Flexfit closure


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We are proud to make custom visor caps for:

Jacker Clothing


Represent Clothing

Movement Skis

What our clients say about us:

Last year we got a really good feedback from all the participants. The finish, embroidery and colour was really good.Shabin, Krishnapatnam Port Golden Eagles (India)