The next big thing?

Bucket hats were big for a while, baseball caps are now the must-haves, this is how the industry works, we use and re-use.

If we do observe the rise (and death) of new/old shapes now on then, we can’t say that the headwear industry has been shaken over the past few years.

However this might be about to change with the massive coming up of brands specialized in headwear for kids.Snapbacks enfants personnalisées

The market is still building itself up but the potential is undeniably here. Here comes a few reasons:

  1. The kids who lived the headwear boom observed over the last 10-15 years are now old enough to have kids themself. This audience still visits the same shops and if they stumble on a product similar to what they like but for their child, they’ll most likely buy it.
  2. Parents don’t count when it comes to their kids, that’s a fact, thus with the right product it will be very easy to convince a parent to buy.
  3. Nowadays we tend to forget that before being a fashion accessory, hats were made to keep once head warm/protected with a visor protecting against the sun. These specs are very important in a parent’s eye, It’s also much easier to spot a kid wearing a hat or a beanie.
  4. Kids headwear only take little space and the retail price (for the final client) as well as the buying price (for the retailer) are relatively low compared to standard headwear so everybody wins. It’s easy to sell and easy to highlight.
  5. For the time being no major brand is involved, there’s still a lot of room for many brands. The market is pretty much free.

In other terms, keep it in mind for your next order! Without remodelling your brand completely, it can still be interesting to start offering a few styles for kids only… Without falling into the flashy/Disney like stereotype.