Options and Tips to highlight your brand’s identity on your custom caps


Effectively highlighting your logo is essential for your brand’s recognition across various cap designs. In this article, we will give you some tips to subtly and professionally insert your logo on your hats.


Customization Options:

To display your logo, we offer the following options, among others:

Flag Label: Usually sewn on the right side of the closure, the flag label is a small piece of woven fabric folded in half, measuring 2 cm in height, featuring your logo.

Inside Label: This option allows you to showcase your logo while providing space to include the country of origin, website, or social media logos.

Stickers or Hang Tags: Use stickers or hang tags as additional branding elements to reinforce your branding.



Do’s and don’ts for your branding:

To ensure effective differentiation, consider the following tips:

Simplify to the maximum: If your logo is complex, it is generally recommended to use a simplified version. A simpler logo promotes clarity and a clean aesthetic.

Choose the Right Size: The size of your logo depends on personal preferences and the chosen placement. For instance, if positioned centred on the front panels, it can be small or large, and it will stand out regardless. If placed at the bottom of the back panel, it is advisable not to make it too large to ensure visibility and avoid proximity to the edge. There are numerous other placement options to explore.


Avoid Visual Overload: Refrain from using too many different logos, as it can make it challenging to identify your brand at first glance. Your logo may get lost among other elements, reducing its impact.

Carefully Select Colors: Go for contrasting colours to make your logo more visible, on the other hand a harmonious colour scheme can create a refine style. The colour palette plays a significant role in defining the overall aesthetic, so take time to consider this aspect.

Maintain Consistency: Avoid frequent logo changes, as it can lead to a loss of brand recognition and identification by your customers. Consistency is key to maintain a strong brand identity.



Effectively highlighting your logo on custom caps requires careful thought and attention to details. By using appropriate customization options, you can maximize the impact of your logo and strengthen brand recognition. Remember, a well-presented logo is a powerful tool for making your brand memorable.