#49 A2M: 6 Panel Camp

The cap of the day features a very unique shape since it’s not a 5 or 4 but 6 panel camp.We used two different materials, polyester nylon for most of the panels and a soft foamy mesh for the rest of the panels to ensure perfect breathability.




The brand’s logo is screen printing on the front : this printing process allows us to catch very small details while producing very vibrant colours.

On the back, a small woven label also called flag label is centred above the closure. Most of the time you find this type of labels sewn on the left side of the closure.




If you were asking yourself which kind of closure the client went for here, it is a nylon strap with a plastic clip. In order to avoid having the rest of the strap hangling, a little piece of velcro is sewed on the left side of closure and the strap.





Click on the link below to create your own custom camp cap!