How to choose the right fabrics?

What’s the composition of the different fabrics we offer ? What about the textures ? What’s their pros and cons ? This quick article will introduce you to the basics of our most popular materials for your custom hats.



1 / Cotton

By far the most common material, 100% cotton is known to be flexible and confortable at the same time. It’s also quite breathable so if’s pretty much all season. One major thing to keep in mind is that cotton is the best fabric for screen prints.

For a softer touch, we also offer 100% cotton with a brushed finish.

Organic cotton is indeed available as well.


2 / PU suede

Pu suede or fake suede has a velvety and light aspect. Thanks to this unique texture, this material is very soft to the touch. Suede and its PU version were restricted to Luxury and high-end brands, however in the last few years many brands started using it on parts of their caps (mostly the visor) or on whole hats, making it one of the best selling fabrics available today. It gives a premium look to any hat.

Our PU suede is made of 100% polyester.



3 / Polyester and Nylon

These materials are both 100% synthetics, they do shape many similar aspects. They’re both quite durable, easy to clean, they dry quickly and usually don’t crease. Thanks to their light construction, they’re the best options for active/outdoor brands. Beyond all these similarities, some elements differentiate them.

Standard polyester is generally softer and smoother than nylon, it’s the best material for sublimation printing, by far. If you’re on the hunt for a more eco-friendly option, we also offer recycled polyester made of plastic bottles, called RPET.


Nylon has a slightly different texture, the weaving of the fabric is much more noticeable and the material is a little less flexible. However there are tons of different polyester and nylons options so this doesn’t apply to all.

The main pros of synthetic materials is there ability to resist to UVs, while cotton will automatically fade after being exposed to the sun for a while. However keep in mind that we can add a anti-UV and/or waterproof treatment to (almost) any fabric.



4 / Melton wool

Melton wool is made of a blend of genuine wool and acrylic. Its thickness allows the material to keep the heat while staying confortable, it’s the perfect winter material for your custom caps. The small percentage of acrylic gives some stiffness so that the fabric stays strong with the time.



5 / Corduroy

Corduroy is a warn and sturdy fabric, its texture is soft and velvety. This material is made of two layers, the first one for the structure while the other one makes the ribs. We also offer different thickness and spacing for the ribs.

Note that we offer both polyester and cotton corduroy, the first one being cheaper and thus more popular.



Other fabrics are available like satin, leather, iridescent, mesh… And many many others!


Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.