#47 DXPE Chef : Unstructured 6 panel baseball


Here is an unstructured 6 panel baseball cap. What makes this hat truly unique is the fact that it’s entirely made of foamy mesh and that it features a removable velcro patch on the front which brings a touch of fun and originality.



Let’s have a closer look at the embellishments the brand went for. On the front, there is velcro piece on which an embroidered patch is placed. This way it can be moved as you see fit!





The full velcro closure features a second patch that allows you to swap the patches out of place or group them together in one place.





It is a contemporary streatwear brand, created in 2008 in the UK. The brand finds its inspiration for new collections through its tours around the world.

To know more about DXPE CHEF click on this link : https://dxpechef.com




Click on the link below to create your own custom unstructured baseball cap!