How to store hats

Hats are a great way to finish off an outfit or protect ones head and skin but it’s not the easiest accessory to store due to the fact that it’s not flat. You can’t just throw them in a pile like a shirt as it will be damaged.

cap 1



Most of the time caps are hanged on pegs, while it’s very convenient it’s not the best choice as the hats are then exposed to dust and direct sunlight. There are lots of ways to hang your hats, by the button, the closure, etc. However it’s still not ideal if you want to keep your hats like day 1.


cap 2



Ideally we recommend to keep them flat in a dark closet, away from humidity, dust and sunlight. You can also fill them with paper to make sure that they keep their shape; if you have many hats you can also store them together as each hat will then hold the other one. Make sure not to mix the shapes.If you want to push things further on, you an use hatboxes, your hats will always be in perfect condition.



Finally, travel boxes are available and they’re a must have if you plan on travelling with caps in your luggages, unless you want your hats to arrive completely crushed and basically worthless.