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#26 SELVA : Unstructured 6 panels




Completely made of cotton for Selva, the portugese brand, this custom cap is an unstructured 6-panels.
It has a fabric closure, with a silver slip buckle.
It’s a total yellow look. Its particularity is in the flexibility of the visor. This flexibility brings a certain suppleness and therefore more comfort.




Let’s zoom in on the outside of the cap. As we said, this is a monochrome, except for its customizations. Concerning the flat embroidery placed at the front of the cap, it’s only two colors : ice blue and white. This cold gradient represents the brand’s logo is a reference to a glacier and a great contrast with the warm color of the cap. At the back of it, a black and white woven label has been added next to the closure.
When inside, another woven label is present at the level of the absorbent strip to make a last reminder of the brand.




Qui est SELVA?


“Selva Apparel” is a streetwear brand based in Algarve, Portugal. Their inspiration comes from their environment, their past and their culture.





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