What are the different fabric options for my custom caps?


In the process of creating a new cap, it’s very important to pay attention to every single details. We offer tons options : flat or 3D embroidery, print or patch, which closure or even the colors for the cap itself. But the type of material is perhaps the most important.
It will automatically attract the eye of your customers, which more and more demanding. Nowadays people are really after a long lasting high quality product, they’ll pay attention not only to the quality but also the comfort and fabrics used.

fabric roll colors

For the choice of your material(s), you can go for something timeless like our 100% cotton twill which is the most popular fabric. It pleases everyone and the value for money is excellent.
Still in natural materials, we also offer a wide range of wool options such as melton or speckled, ideal for winter collections.

Faux suede wich look like peach skin.


Among the synthetic materials, we mostly use polyester wich offer a large range of materials such as:
Nylon, more and more popular l, it lends itself to more athletic forms like 5 panels camp.
Satin, with a luxurious and exclusive look has taken the industry by storm via big brands like Kenzo, Adidas and many others.
Velvet, very fashionable at the moment, noble and robust.

Feel free to think out of the box by using more exclusive materials such as leather or cork.

Create unique patterns! We are able to print absolutely anything on any parts of the caps!


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