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#21 PERIMENO : Camp 5 panels 



The cap of the day is a custom camp 5 pannels  cap, featuring a rectangular front panel giving the opportunity to use any kind of embellishment option such as prints, embroideries of all kinds and patches. This shape is now also used by casual/high end brands thanks to its laid back fit. Made entirely of cotton, this cap features a self fabric strap with a silver slide buckle.

 Yellow, bleu, purple camp 5 pannel-face


Yellow, bleu, purple camp 5 pannel-side


Let’s focus on the exterior, we’ve used no less than 3 different colors on this custom camp cap; yellow for the front panel and thread eyelets, purple for the crown and a nice bright blue for the visor and closure strap. Thanks to their unique construction, it’s very easy to play with different colors on this shape. A flat embroidery was added on the front as well as on the left side of the caps.
As long as the inside is concerned, the client went for a contrast teal blue tapping with white print.


Yellow, bleu, purple camp 5 pannel-inside


Based out of the USA, Perimeno is a unisex clothing and accessories brand. Get to know more about the brand on their social media accounts






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Yellow, bleu, purple camp 5 pannel-back