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#19 GIANIN : Baseball 5 panels




The cap of the day is a baseball 5 panels, thanks to its wide front panel it’s the perfect cap for large embellishment options such as patches, oversized prints and embroideries. The custom cap we have here features a large highly detailed embroidery patch, created by the Spanish brand Gianin while we took care of all the technical specs. Made entirely of premium cotton, they went for a classic snapback closure.

 Baseball green - front


baseball green - side panel


Let’s focus on the general aspect of this cap, first of all the we used our stock premium cotton twill for the whole cap, in a beautiful green which matches perfectly with the embroidery patch. With patches and pretty much all embellishments, the bigger you go, the better. The inside features a custom padded sweatband for extra comfort as well as an extra hard buckram.


Baseball green - inside


The name of the company you chose Gianin its two founders and designers. Laura Morata chose the first half of the name: GIA, which arises from the termination of the word magic.

The second half of the name of the firm: NIN, is the name of the beloved brother of the founder Christian Nin. They produce high end fashion accessories





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baseball green - back