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#10 SCLAPERS : Custom 5 panels trucker




Kids always want to act like grown ups and the brand Scalpers understood that very well ! They’ve created a specific collection only for children. They offer countless items among which you’ll find this custom 5 panels trucker. Made of cotton backed with foam and mesh polyester the cap also features a blue plastic snapback.

 Baseball trucker 5 panneaux - face


Baseball trucker 5 panneaux - intérieur


This custom kids cap is made of two colors, while the mesh and the visor is blue, the front panel is made of a heather grey blend featuring a 3D/flat mix embroidery with the brand’s logo restyled for kids.

A woven label can be found at the back of the cap next to the closure. The inside is left blank.



baseball trucker 5 panneaux - profil

Who’s Scalpers?

Scalpers is Spanish casual clothing brand, they also offer various accessories like socs, bags, belts, and much more. They focus on men and kids, always with a stylish, elegant and sophisticated approach, however they also know how to bring some craziness within their collections to stand out from the crowd. The brand has dozens of stores, principally in Spain and Latin American countries but they can also be found in France and other countries. The brand is constantly growing and evolving.




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baseball trucker 5 panneaux - dos