Production lines

A question of ethics

“Is it possible to avoid mentioning the country of origin on my label ?”

We hear this question very frequently, at least once a week. Beyond the feasibility of a such thing, what’s really important here is to get familiar with the impact it has on the final customer as well as at the very beginning of the process.

As a French manufacturer operati

Worker sewing

ng out of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, this is a very sensitive subject. While it is technically possible in some cases to hide the country of origin or sew tear-off labels, doing so puts down the job we do all year long on the field with our Vietnamese partners.

Proud of Vietnam

We’re extremely proud to produce in Vietnam, we’re absolutely against hiding it, on the contrary we push it forward and gladly let whoever wants to hear it that 100% of our products are made right here in Vietnam.

Vietnam is on the move, progressing and changing daily, getting a different face from one year to another. Hiding our production site would equals to hiding our pride, our partners, our skilled workers, all these people and their culture which we’re humbly part of.

Working with Gold Hats Headwear means getting a firm guarantee to obtain the best quality in the industry today, behind the final product stand men and woven like you and me, highly skilled workers without whom none of this would be possible. Without these experts hands we wouldn’t be able to offer the quality we work so hard to offer. They’re called Tan, Dao, Hoang Mai, Nga… Men and women whose hard work is inevitably denigrated when the country of origin doesn’t appear on the product.

The final client should have the right to know and appreciate the hard work of these people and recognize the fact that Vietnam is also without a doubt a nation of craft and work well done.

Thus, next time that someone asks where you custom hats were made, you should be proud to answer that highly competent Vietnamese workers living in Ho Chi Minh City sewn them with their skilled hands in irreproachable working conditions paid well above the minimum wage in the industry, allowing them to live with dignity in the beautiful country that Vietnam is.