Template filling

How to complete a template?

What is a template?

Template example

A template, also called tech-pack, is a proof sheet which encompasses all specifications of a style. It is a document featuring a mock-up of the style as well as most important information: fabrics, colors, artworks and sizes, placements, type of style, etc.

Why do we need a template?

A template is an essential tool in the relation established between you and us. It summarizes all information exchanged. Before every production, you will approve a template for each ordered style to make sure all information are correct.

Did you know? our production team also uses more detailed templates that are intended for internal use only. They are strictly confidential as they feature manufacturing secrets.

How to complete our templates?

One of our goal as a manufacturer is to make something difficult (cut and sew manufacturing) easy. That’s why we have made our templates easy to use. When you will be provided with blank templates, an example of a template correctly completed will be included.

To make it easier, below is a step-by-step tutorial showing how to complete a template:

Requirements: you will need a vector software, such as Illustrator from Adobe.

Note: if you are unable to complete our templates, we will gladly do it for FREE!

Step 1: select your fabrics, quantity and colors as well as the type of closure.

If your style only uses one kind of fabric (100% cotton for example), just mention the fabric once in Fabric under GENERAL INFORMATION. If you would like stitching to match the cap, just indicate MATCHING.

Template filling
Available colors


Step 2: design your woven label.

Make sure to check (usually with local customs authorities) the information that needs to be featured on the label. On request and after approval we can add a woven label featuring basic requirements (composition and country of origin).

casquette jeune riche, étiquette cuir 


Step 3: add your design(s) to the mock-up.

This is where the magic happens! Add your artworks. Don’t forget to include dimensions, placement and embellishment option used (embroidery, printing, etc.).

Le Cartel Clothing
Skullcandy Headphones logo


Important Info
Don’t worry, if you are unable to complete our templates, we will gladly help and even do the work for you if you want.