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A win-win relationship

Building a great client/supplier relationship

To Create/Develop a brand is a long and complicated process, most of the time the CEO, web administrator, marketing manager, production manager to name but a few are one and the same person. It requires a lot of sacrifices and commitment. When it comes to production, you have to be ready to delegate but most importantly ready to trust.

The product being the heart of every single project, it is indeed essential to work healthily, hand in hand with the supplier in question in order to set up a mutual blind trust.
This trust is gained, build around a constant and transparent communication. It is in this perspective that we prefer to refer about our partners rather than clients.

  • Very professional and certainly able to do anything your currently running. I've spent a good amount of time with them developing the fits to match all the usual US made stuff and the quality is superb.

    Parca Equipment Co logo Morgan
    Parca Equipment Co (Australia)

As a manufacturer we’re aware about our role and its importance. There’s simply no room for error, it’s our duty to provide our partners with the best product possible so that they can do their part serenely.

Too often a noxious relationship establishes slowly between the client and his supplier, the financial risk being inevitably the source. Fear of misunderstandings, fear of being played, receiving the wrong product and/or service or simply the fear of never receiving anything at all; these doubts are as justified as they are avoidable.

Here over at Gold Hats we believe strongly in a win/win relationship, a healthy trust can only see the light of day following this state of mind.
Concretely this translates by fair prices, a human service, a constant and transparent communication along with a true drive to do things well, together.

Whatever your project might be, we will be able to make it happen.