Relatively unknown, the unstructured snapback is mostly used by clothing brands. Its uniqueness comes from the fact that we don’t add buckram to the front panel(s) which gives it a very conformable and relaxed look. Robust and light, we also offer the possibility to laminate the fabric in order to make it a bit thicker and improve its rigidity.

Light materials like nylon works perfectly with unstructured snapbacks.

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Light and comfortable, our custom unstructured snapbacks are a hit among streetwear and surf brands. We added a thin mesh insert at the front for extra comfort. They feature a highly resistant flat visor for an old school look, and as always the customization options are limitless; go for something simple like this nylon printed unstructured snapback or let your creativity run wild!

  Kids sizes are available.

Flat visor using a highly resistant plastic insert
Squared visor for a perfect look
Premium hand sourced materials
Front panel backed with a light polyester insert
Limitless customization
Kids size avaialbe


Choose the type of closure 

Snap closure

Nylon closure

Self fabric with slide

Self fabric with clip

Leather with clip

Leather belt


Velcro with slide

Elastic band

Flexfit closure


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We are proud to make custom unstructured caps for:

Represent Clothing

Jacker Clothing
Movement Skis

What our clients say about us:

The new Rope Hats arrived yesterday and I think they turned out really well. You guys have a way of interpreting my visions into reality. I wanted to thank you for getting the Hats done exactly how we hoped they would be.Vincent, Sheepshead (USA)